Start a Team

Now is a great time to start a college sailing team!  New teams are always welcomed and encouraged.  Whether you are a student, coach, yacht club member, or part of a school, we can help you get your program started.  The first step, come to regattas!

Step 1: Come to regattas!  No matter what the status of your program is, attending regattas will create excitement and get things started. Whether you have 10 kids interested in forming a team or only 1, we can accomodate you at most all our regattas.  Simply contact the regatta contact from the schedule page and let them know you want to come.  At most regattas sailors can join up with other colleges to form a full team. If you don't have boats to bring, no problem, we will find one for you.

Step 2: Contact us for help setting up your program.  The district officers are great people to talk with about setting up a college team.

Step 3: Join our mailing list.  Any discussion between coaches and program directors is done through this email list.  We send our Notice of Races, Results, Meeting Info, etc.  If you have a specific question email the list to get everyones input.

Step 4: Register your team.  

Remember, even if you don't have everything figured out, just come to regattas anyway, the rest will fall into place.  If you need anything all the other teams will help you get it.  Just email the list for help.